2016 Sun Visors

Hey folks: I wanted buy some Polaris Sun Visors. The local Dealer said “Sorry” can’t get them!
Dealer said to contact Partszilla” I found them on partzillia. They were 1/2 the price at Partszilla then the dealer but after buying them from Partszilla - 3 days later I get a email from Partszilla saying (They can’t get them). ? Any Ideas where I could get some.wouldn’t think some sun visors were some rare hart to find item?

These shades go with you!!


I heard that krylon makes a product that could help you out.

I found the visors so small that they didn’t offer much protection. The dealer applied a 6” window film on my 2020 E2 and I was real happy with it. When my 2022 E2 arrives, I’ll ask for a 7” film. Wife is much shorter than I am and the sun always seems to be shining in GA :grin:

I never thought of a window film. But that might be a good Idea for me. I was also think that I might be able to adapt something from a car? .

I tint the entire front windshield in all my vehicles (just a tad lighter than the side and back windows). No need for sunglasses.

Tinting the entire windshield would not work for me. Because we use the car all year long and most of the time at night. I could see a tinted front window problematic! Especially come winter time when it’s tricky to keep the window defrosted. But now that I have the dash mounted fans I don’t think keeping the window fog free will be very hard. With that said I still like the idea of automotive sun visors. I like how some can be detached and turned sideways to block sun if it’s coming in from the side. I have seen some sun visors on Craig’s list that look like with some Mods can be Adapted!

I guess I should have stated that I do this on all my enclosed vehicles with climate control.
It is not a problem at night - I do not use “limo” tint on the windshield. LOL

Mike “You tint all your cars front windows!!

yea, yea - come get me… :rofl:


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