2016 Custom GEM E4

Selling my 2016 E4. This is a custom car that I have been using for testing over the past couple of years. DM for all the details but it is mechanically solid and ready to roll.

2016 E4
Tesla Model 3 Battery (about 70 miles of range)
12.1 Gear upgrade (runs about 50mph)
8kw AC Motor upgrade
Sevcon upgrade
High Voltage conversion (99v)
New Wheels and Tires
The interior seats are perfect

10,000.00 it is in Kansas City, MO


Love that Setup,

High voltage, Tesla lithium
8kw motor

That’s a steal. are you high? :slightly_smiling_face:

HA, maybe a little - I just need some space back and the car has served me well.
Time for someone else to enjoy it :slight_smile:

I see plates on it. You can drive it now!
Hope you dont mind me pimping it on fb. It should sell today.

If it ships to Ca. Or Fl. Maybe my Goliaths can hitch a ride.

Not mad at all. The more exposure the better. Yes. Clean title and taged!


How can I get in contact with you to talk about this? If I don’t buy it then I can more than likely provide transportation to whoever ourchases it.

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Sold - Thanks all

Fill the space

well, that was fast! sweet ride for the new owner.

Damm someone got a Deal!

Still for sale? Im in Maui but have shipped one here befre

Sorry - it sold in about 30 min.