2013 Gem Front Diff for sale?

Hey our 2013 has been making noises while driving, we replaced the main motor bearing and it did not solve the issue we believe it is the differential. Anyone know someone who had them/rebuilds them?

Rodney, @Old_Houseboater, sometimes has them available and/or can rebuild them.

Knowing what ratio you have will be important. Look for a part number sticker that can be cross referenced to the parts book or mark the input and output and roll it count the turns.

Define Noises?
Maybe even post a short video?
(I have these special powers…)

Damn supes… hearing though your fingertips…

Damn supes… hearing though your fingertips…

If I place my fingers on the screen I think it will work.

@HopOn - in your description, include observations while:

  • Accelerating
  • Decelerating
  • Cornering
  • Slow/high speed
  • With stray cat removed from undercarrage.

Are your CV boots intact? Going straight- failing cv’s should be mostly quiet, but you can check by jacking up the car and spinning one wheel. Turn the wheels full lock one way or the other and look for any axle jump when turning tire. The other wheel will spin the other way. If quiet, then I’d lean more to the gearbox.

Pull the rubber plug out of the bottom of your gearbox pan. Inspect the oil that comes out for metal bits. Maybe even stick a magnet to the outside of your drain pan. It should attract flakes in the oil. That would be bad.

I’ve got a finger placed on the screen… Can you hear it?


(sorry, low hanging humor, /oblig)

2013 and Up had a Shafer transmission
All the gems up and UNTILL 2013 had a Dania/Spicer transmission. For what ever reason in 2013 and up Gem switched over to Shafer transmissions. I had found them to be Loud as well. I swapped out my Shafer for a quieter smother 10:35 Spicer . I was very happy with the change out.

2013 and Up had a Shafer transmission

Ah! I did not know that.
Maybe they used straight cut gears? I’ll go back and see if you guys talked about it more. Is this when you switched to the rubber mounts too? or was it a multi stage effort to quiet your geartrain whine?

HopOn’s description of crunching sounds a bit more of a concern and hopefully not terminal.
I await for reports back of oil analysis.
I suppose it could be the end bearing in the motor going bad, or something loose in the motor?

Hey- This might be a great use for a sound isolation stick (we talked about in another thread).

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Don’t you hit me with that voodoo witchcraft nonsense now boy!


Actually not a bad idea…

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Does your 2013 still have the black motor? The brushes will stick and cause an arching sound. people frequently describe it as a crunching sound. usually loudest on hard acceleration. Just had a 2013 have this happen last week.

2000-2015 all had the same “style” transmission either Spicer OR Shafer.
In 2016 they switched to a transmission called
“Team” at least that’s the brand name cast on the side. The early 2016 transmissions were Notorious for being loud. Early reports said quality issue were the cause of the transmission whine. And many customers had the stock 2016 transmissions swapped out for replacement rebuilt or new ones.

I’m not sure it it was in 2017 or 18 when Gem started with the Rubber Isolated and elevated transmissions on the new generation cars but the rubber mounted transmissions are much more quiet

Ac This is @Inwo @grantwest and @MikeKC expertise

Yes, that is aftermarket for sure - cool that someone is using Curtis controllers. We and Polaris are using Sevcon.

^^^ Yes it would be interesting to see/ hear how the Curtis AC controller and different AC motor and installation process went.

I remember seeing the guys at “Nev Acessories” had a AC powerd THINK. It would be cool to circle back with them and see what they did.


That sounds good, what is your schedule like?

How would you like payment to be made?