2011 gem e4

I have a gem and when the battery gauge drops two bars the turtle light comes on and it slows down it is not setting any codes checked the voltage at the motor controller and it is 74 volts when this happens. Looking for some help I do not have any experience on these. Thanks Dave

How old are your batteries? What brand and model? Be specific…How many miles after chargin when this happens?

1 make sure all connections are bright and tight

  1. measure the voltage of each battery

3 measure the specific gravity of each cell.

This is a typical problem when you have a bad battery or the pack is nearing the end of its life.

Connections are all tight batteries are pretty new. Battery charge only drops two bars and the the turtle flashes. Is the turtle saying it’s in a limp mode. All batteries have at least 12.4 volts. I haven’t checked the gravity I can they are not sealed. I could load test them also. With a battery going bad think it would only drop two bars then act up. The wrench light doesn’t come on either. It’s shows 74 volts at the motor controller. Thanks for responding any Info is a help. Seeing how I don’t have any experience on these.

Hook up volt meter so that you can read drop under load. It only takes 1 bad cell not passing current to shut you down. What brand of batteries and model # do you have?

Since you have a 2011 and you now have flooded batteries was the charging algorithm changed to flooded when the battteries were changed. Charging Flooded batteries with the gel settings will slowly kill them due to under charging. You can lose half the capacity in 6 months. Flooded batteries need aggressive charging to keep the fluid stirred and prevent sulfation.

Full charge should result in a gravity reading of 12.65 . Generally if the charger is on a gel setting you might only show 12.35 at full charge although voltage might show 100%

IMHO Specific Gravity can tell you more than voltage tests.

This happened to me. the battery shop took them for a week and got them back up to about 70%

Does anyone have a picture of a 2011 GEM E4 battery hook up?