2008 GEM Es For Sale - South East

Complete and running 2008 GEM Es E825. Motor refurbished (Manville Electric Bham). Vehicle now runs good, Batteries are marked 2012 but seem to hold a full charge 25 mi depending on terrain. New 12" wheel covers - originals too brittle for any use. All accessories including heater work. Hard doors great this time of year, but are removable. Key switch is worn, replacement on hand but not installed this writing. Minor body work and clean up to make this GEM a 10. Tires are serviceable. Mileage 2466 Purchased from original owner - stored indoors - $3000.

Can deliver for fuel.

Where is it located ?

Near Birmingham, Al.

Is this still around?

Yes. Drove it some last weekend with Grand kids.

This item has been sold. Moderator - please remove the post