2005 Gem Cart Issue

our 2005 gem has 2 red flashes for the charging status, help?

2 red flashes = Battery voltage low

Batteries tested 12.48 to 12.55???

After driving cart dropped for 100 to 70% rather quickly. Charged to 100% and all batteries are 13/13.2 volts, is that what they should be?

Assuming we are talking lead acid technology - straight off the charger a new battery should show 13.2 volts open circuit (2.2 volts per cell x 6 cells). Usually within 24 hrs a new battery will drop to 12.6 vdc (2.1 volts per cell) and stabilize. All this assuming the charger is properly set for LA technology and the battery is new. Batteries with some wear (charge/discharge cycles) will usually show slightly lower numbers. The web site https://batteryuniversity.com/ is a great source of info on battery technology. There is no black magic - the technology is very well understood. At the same time, batteries are not perfect and one defective cell in the string can result in some strange readings. The best test to determine battery condition is a test under load per the mfg specs.

Do you have a battery load tester? That would help identify a bad cell in one of the batteries.

No I do not have a load tester. I can probably take cart to o’Reillys where I purchased batteries. Will check.

Grace, Peace and Joy be with you today.

Also check the date codes (date of mfg) it’s not uncommon for Auto parts dealers to keep a couple batteries on the shelf, but for larger orders - rotate what they have to your order - with the balance coming from a warehouse. You may wind up with multiple date codes and different internal resistance. This can result in imbalanced charging, undercharging some cells - over charging others. The overcharged cells will drop to their quiescent state - (2.1) but the entire pack will appear undercharged. If you have cells out of balance, top them off individually with a 12 charger and let them settle out before tying them back together.


Grace, Peace and Joy be with you today.