2002 E825, 4" lift, new batteries, runs great

Gem Car - 2 person. E825. Lifted, 6 new batteries. Everything works. Lifted 4" with Mojave tires and Rox rims ! New MP3 stereo with aux plug in. Has golf club bag rack and full cover for car.
Great shape. $4,900! more pictures available 20190628_110254|690x388

Damn, that is one of the cleanest and best condition '02’s I’ve seen. Even the paint is in good shape, most of the older ones the clear coat has de-laminated.

Good luck on the sale.

Thank you,
It’s been kept covered when not in use!

Nice car. Great photo. Came in here to look into listing mine and came across yours. Looking at the photo of the cart and realized it was your house.

Your bro