2000 GEM Car Electrical issue

I have a 2000 Gem Car that I cannot turn off, except with the main / master switch. The ignition switch is functioning properly, but the car remains on in both the on and off positions. Code 51 has appeared 3 or 4 time briefly. All continuity of wires checks out to be ok. Any suggestions as to what I should look for or check next?

Bad ignition switch? How did you verify it was “functioning properly”?

The ignition switches on these cars can remain in a conducting state when the key is in the off position. Pull a wire off to verify operation or pull one of the interlock wires out of your charger.

If you have a code -51 that’s a bad controller. If the dash remains lit after you turn the car off for more then 30 seconds I suspect you have somthing hooked up wrong and your getting constant power to something that should be switched.

Question did you re wire something and or remove and reinstall a controller. I understand controllers can go bad but just trying to get some more infor to help understand the problem