1500 miles and counting with AC CONVERSION

Purchased may 5th 2020, installed may 13th 2020.
Thank you David and Mike!:sunglasses:
Put in full service that day. Daily average 35 miles at 35 to 45 mph. Charging at home for lunch and a tiny bit at work. Using a heavily abused 88volt 6kwh ford c-max battery pack built from (4) 21 cell packs of 24ah cells. Because I hot foot it around with lots of hills and stops, my pack milage is still 20 miles but that’s going 45mph a lot. When I go slower, the pack can last 23 miles easy. Way better then the stock set up at 18 miles or less and a smoking hot melting stock motor that would only do 38 in the flat. I now go 45 up hills or down. Stays 5000rpm no matter what unless your voltage drops a bunch.
The induction motor is smooth on takeoff and pulls like a freight train above 10mph and keeps pulling til 45mph or just higher.
Interested in trying other tunes but I’m so happy with my setup it’'s not an issue. Love my truck!:sunglasses:

Approximate mileage used so far in about 50 days. 1500 miles, probably a low estimate.

Drive through downpours, mud and sand. The motor is constantly full throttle gets warm but never hot. Yes I am running it hard but no hiccups ever.

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I like it! Now what was the year of the EL and what are the Tire sizes?

Awesome to hear from you, David and I were just saying you have been really quiet…
So glad the conversion is working well for you. I do have another tune for you to try when we both find the time. Until then ENJOY!

The truck is a 2005 with stock tires I get 44mph top speed and a quicker acceleration than with tires I run now. Stock are 20.5" and I run old MK1 VW rims and tires of any kind at about 23" overall height. 48 to 50mph top speed.

Hi Mike, sorry it took me so long. Tired to post but had to learn how to downsize pictures. :astonished::roll_eyes:
She is running great, I am actually needing larger main motor wires, a larger battery pack and bigger battery makin cables to get much more performance without smoking my batteries, the speed control, cables or motor. Everything is fine but I should do some 1 or 1/2 ot cable ro keep the heat down, amp’s down.
Model 3 Tesla battery for my 4 door soon!:sunglasses:

I am interested in testing more tunes if you are intrested in me using it as I am. I fill throttle a bunch!:astonished::grin: