02 smart fortwo Glider like NEW for sale

2002 smart fortwo GLIDER, rolling chassis, for smartuki or EV

For Sale is a 2002 model year smart citi-coupe GLIDER. It has Phat Red panels on the black Tridion frame. This GLIDER was built by smart, gmbh in Hambach France without the engine or transmission that would normally be in a smart citi-coupe (aka fortwo). Also it does not have the fuel tank or the seatbelts. The seats are the upgraded “pulse Twister Blue” fabric that do have the seatbelt latch near the handbrake. Has the original Bridgestone B340 tires on Michelin steel smart rims. Also is fitted with Air Conditioning parts from forward of the Engine/Trans. Also has the factory smart radio. I added a set of tach & clock “pods” and the tach wire is not yet plugged in.

VIN: WME01MC012H063232

This GLIDER is one of about 15 made for the now defunct eMotion Mobility that planned to convert them to electric vehicles. Some were actually converted to running electric cars, but they went out of business before full production started.

This car has zero miles (odo is set to miles), as it has not yet been on the road. It has been stored indoors since new and is in AS NEW condition. It was towed less than 300 miles on it’s rear wheels from Savannah, GA to Atlanta, GA when I purchased it in July 2004. This is genuine New Old Stock. It has a 1 year old Bosch battery, and lights, power locks etc work. Included are 2 original keys, some importing papers & seat covers & cardboard packing; and even still has the factory barcode sticker on passenger side. All electrical connectors still have the plastic covers to protect the contacts.

Some handy GLIDER owners in US have installed Engine, Trans, etc from wrecked cars in Europe to build working cars. I understand that the complete wireing harness & computers needs to be swapped out with harness & computers from wrecked donor car. Possibly Canadian CDI Engine & Trans might work. NO GUARANTEES

This is the perfect basis for either a smartuki or Electric Vehicle
Recipe for smartuki: Take one tiny little Smart car, remove the rather sad and under powered little engine and replace it with something more interesting from a high performance motorcycle and voila 160+ BHP, 12,500 RPM and a six speed sequential gearbox. They claim 0-60 in under 5 seconds. There is a company that makes a kit to drop in the Suzuki GSXR 1000 drivetrain and most other parts like the seatbelts or fueltank are available in Canada (or Europe) as this smart model (450) was sold from 2005-2007 there. Smartuki does not have a kit for the new 2008 USA smart fortwo (451 model).
More info here: www.smartuki.com/

Or you could use this to build an Electric Vehicle as this was originally produced to be. I have NO idea of how easy or difficult this would be, it’s not just “attach Maytag electric motor and a few 12 V lead-acid batteries”. But it HAS been done and I guarantee NOTHING.

This vehicle does not have a Title, but I will provide a bill of sale along with a copy of MY bill of sale from my purchase from the importer. It cleared US customs by that company. I make no claims of the ability to license or title this vehicle, however some other GLIDERS have been able to get tags as KIT CARS. SOLD as PARTS only.

This is sold as a piece of sculpture “As-Is”, and COULD be mounted on a wall. Easily towed with U-Haul car dolly. I have photos that I can email.

Offered at $8,000. OBO, before I list on eBay soon, Thanks


Hi everyone,

I just listed the smart fortwo GLIDER on eBay, with a much lower reserve.

Take a look:


Thanks, Joe

man I wish i had the money for this, This would be a PERFECT canidate for what i’m looking at doing. low weight, I dont need a lot of room, and fantastic setup for what i need.