Why is Elon Musk so disliked?

It surprises me why Elon Musk is so disliked when you bear in mind what he has done for the electric car industry. Is it because he does not toe the party line? Is it because he is an entrepreneur who does his own thing? Has he upset too many politicians and big corporates?

It is simple, he goes against the establishment and has shaken up the very cosy relationship between businesses and politicians.

I wouldn’t say he’s disliked so much than you think.

Don’t know if you seen a while ago a petition going around to get him winning the nobel prize, it’s had 3,371 supporters anyway the petition since it launched

I think he disliked by politicians and businesses which have controlled economies and transport networks around the world for hundreds of years. He is a threat, he is innovative and he is very dangerous because he is not all about the money!

Elon Musk is a paper billionaire but famously when he got divorced a few years ago he had no liquid assets to pay off his wife (who he subsequently got back with and they have just separated again!)