Why are key personnel leaving Tesla Motors?

While there have been some eye-catching announcements from Tesla Motors over the last few months there have also been some major changes behind the scenes. A number of key personnel have left the company and it now goes beyond the joke from Elon Musk suggesting that the likes of Apple were a “graveyard for Tesla […]


So a little in site to this topic -
I spent three days with the CIO of Tesla at the F1 race in Austin last year. We talked about just this topic. The bottom line is that Elon runs them into the ground. Elon is a genius and he hardly ever sleeps. This has a lasting affect on people.
He said he loves Tesla, Loves what they are doing and they will succeed. However Elon would text at 1,2, 3 ,4am in the morning and expect you to respond within a very short time. He asks over and beyond of his people. When Elon was sleeping on the Model 3 production line, this guy was in the cot next to him.
Very stressful, however very rewarding. But it burns you out very quickly.