Two 12 Inch Electric folding Bikes

We have introduced 12 inch electric folding bike for several months and now we do have*some customers, especially this week, we have

two customers buying samples, one from USA, who bought for his boy a red folding electric bike. Another* is from Indoneisa, who wants a

silver bike as a sample.We do efficient service for them and they thanks a lot.

This electric folding bicycle is very easy to fold and unfold, it is a front motor drive foldable electric bike, it is*using a

brushless motor *200w.*The max speed is 20km/h and max range is 30km.It is easy t carry, you can pack the folding bike to your car and

take a enjoying tour. That is a really beautiful thing.

If you want to know more, you can search our website abobuy and have a try.You will be not disappointed.

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