Trunk or stake back wanted

Sold my E2.
They would like to clip something on the back.

I’ve got a Locking trunk back from a 2009 e4 if you’re interested. I live in Colorado - so not sure what shipping would be.

Thanks, project may be on hold.

Hi Gerald,

I actually have a Linksback - so figure 1 is enough - LOL.

Thanks and good luck finding your trunk.


I have a locking TrunkBack for sale, nice condition, $200, you pay shipping. I’m in Lake Chelan area, central Washington State. Will also trade for stake back.

I replied several days ago about my locking TrunkBack, excellent condition…I’m open for trades, esp for a StakeBack, will pay difference, or let me know. Or $200, can’t go wrong, they usually go for close to $400 after shipping. Would be sweet if buyer lives in the NW! I can hold until our country opens up again!