Segway personal transporters for sale

Segway i2 Personal Transporter…$4,000.
Segway i2 Commuter…$5,000.
Segway i2 Cargo…$5,500.
Segway x2 Golf…$6,000.
Segway x2 Adventure…$5,000.
Segway x2 Turf…$5,500.

Segway specification:

Personal Transporter
Max Speed: 12.5 mph
Max Range: 24 mi
Weight: 120 lb
lithium-ion batteries
Tire Width 8in 20cm
Footprint 21x33in 53.34×83.82cm

Available Colours:

Gloss White.
Anodized Black.
Metallic Sage.

SEGWAY x2 Description:

Provides enhanced performance on varied terrain
All-terrain tires and wider track
Wireless InfoKey controller on x2 segway
Rugged fender frames double as lift handles, making transportation into or out of a vehicle

quick and easy; frames also accommodate cargo accessories
Saphion lithium-ion batteries
Deeply treaded, all-terrain tires navigate a variety of landscapes with ease

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