Ride4Fun charger For sale- R4Fun

I have a ride4Fun charger available- perfect working order, I am doing lithium upgrade and switching chargers. Make reasonable offer

Where are you? Please email me.
How old is it?

I’m not exactly sure, I’ve had the GEM for 2 years and don’t know when the previous owner installed, it looks pretty much the same as what R4Fun is selling on their site tho
I will try to post a photo

More pics of Ride4Fun charger

Uploading: B7FDD0E2-016A-4B51-B602-522E8F6318FF.jpeg… Uploading: BE78FDC1-877D-4C30-940D-40AC217B12DA.jpeg…

Did you sell this charger?

Is this charger sold

I have one available.

I have one available if you are interested.

Thanks but I found one