RE: 2002 Loss of Power after Lithium Conversion

Do you know of anyone who might have a programming kit for the T2 controller that would be willing to sell or loan out? I’m having the same stuttering problems called out in this thread and hoping to looking into controller settings to see if I can tune it out.

Ask in open forum with your location. I doubt programming will fix stutter.
There is very little to be changed in programming.

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Do you perhaps run 24s battery in a t2?

You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish.
Also this thread makes no sene without links or better descriptions

Yes, running lithium 24s

Yes, running lithium 24s

How confident are you in your diagnostic skills?
ie → What makes you think this is a controller issue?

same stuttering problems called out in this thread

Ah- You are referring to a thread that originated back in Jun 2019 ???

What have you tried on your car?
How much of that thread does your story actually parallel?
Was this car working well before the upgrade?
What lithium did you install?
What motor is in this car?
When was the last time this motor was serviced?
Have you ruled out the other possibilities called out in that topic?
Did you rule out too high of voltage? It seems the T2’s have a 50/50 chance of working well above 90v. For whatever reason some just don’t like going up that high and produce unpredictable and confusing results. Chasing gremlins is enough to drive some people cray-cray. Some even decide to let out the glorious smoke much to the delight of JarJarJava here.

What part of the country would you be located?

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Hey @dk2surf

Did you just cross post this to the FB Classic help forum?

What DK has failed to include is that this “stuttering problem” is being observed while running the car wheels up/ car on stands.

I feel like Spiccoli is leaving more than just that out.