Rav4 EV $299 WOW

I do work for Toyota, But I am a EV nut. I love my Rav4 EV, but now I wish I would have waited for this lease program. I work at Roseville Toyota in the Internet sales. But don’t hold that against me!

I came in today and found out their giving a [U]$15,400 discount [/U]on the Rav EV lease and for [U]$30 more [/U]you can get it with [U]Unlimited Mileage[/U]…

Is this the car which has the Tesla drive shaft under license?

Yes it has the Induction Motor From the Tesla S, with a fixed gear Ratio. Its really really fast. I would even say its the Fastest New Toyota We Have.:car:

It is interesting to see Tesla licencing its technology to other car manufacturers. The more this happens the better for the industry as a whole.

A big reason Toyota and Tesla is teamed up for the Rav4 EV is because Toyota now owns a Big Chunk of Tesla. Last I checked its was about 38% of Tesla is now owned by Toyota. This helps Tesla because they now have the R&D help from Toyota.

The industry has certainly changed shape over the last 20 years or so - we now see the likes of Renault and Nissan as sister companies. This sharing of technology and experience is a massive positive for the industry going forward.