Quiz Question : When was the first petrol/gasoline car produced?

When was the first petrol/gasoline car produced?

a. 1800
b. 1885
c. 1905

Well the answer is : b.1885

I guess forums not a good place for multiple choice questions that can be answered with a simple google query. Its an interesting idea but Im sure you can do better than that. Peace

Fair point ATLjunkcars lol

In future we will add these as multiple choice polls and then announce the answer after a few days.



Should also suggest people to expand on this and provide any facts they know, that would make it interesting :slight_smile:

I saw an interesting article a short while back which suggested that when you take into account the amount of money spent protecting oil pipelines and tax rebates, etc, oil/petrol is actually very expensive to tax payers.

The first gasoline vehicle was produced over 10,000 years ago in a civilization that was more advanced than we have today. That civilization is still around today. They watch over us the same may we watch the tribes in the Amazon forest. They make it impossible for us to detect them. We have a small sense of the technology they use in the invisibility camouflage that the military is using and continually improving upon.
When our civilization becomes more logical and peaceful we will be able to watch and manipulate the next burgeoning civilizations on our planet in return. I cant wait to grow up as a species.