Mahindra buys REVA...G-Wiz coming to the U.S.?

REVA was bought by Mahindra, a company that will start selling its trucks in the U.S.

STORY: Mahindra buys REVA (G-Wiz) electric carmaker - News

The post quickly goes off on a tangent about how the G-Wiz may come to the U.S. The author stretches it pretty thin, but he does have a point.

The G-Wiz will not be coming to the United States. Production of the G-Wiz is slowly winding down now. It’s still selling pretty well in the markets it is already established in, but the car will inevitably make way for the new car - the NXR, which is currently waiting in the wings.

The successor for the G-Wiz, the NXR is going into production this year. It is almost certain that you’ll see the NXR (and the sports car version, the NXG) in the United States and in Canada at some point in the future. REVA are in negotiation with a US based company to actually have the car built in the United States. :usa2:

The G-Wiz is a very small car. Think of something the size of a SMART, then think slightly smaller, then think a bit smaller still, and you’ve got it about right: its a car to stow away in the trunk in case you have a flat as an alternative to a spare tire.

The NXR is a much bigger car. It’s still small - about the size of a Fiat 500. Its ideal for two adults and two children (yes, you can get four adults in the car, but it wouldn’t be ideal for long journeys) - and more importantly, its been designed to pass all the European and US crash safety tests. It’s a good car too - it stands comparison with small European city cars like the Fiat 500 and Ford Ka and will sell at a comparable price.