ISO Short Bed for e2 -- any chance used?

Just got a 2007 e2 today. Would love the short bed instead of the trunk box – do people ever sell these used? Is there a GEM salvage yard anywhere?

Or, I just learned about clip-on beds. This would actually be a lot easier…

Thanks in advance…

Or does anybody want to trade rear ends? LOL.

I have a short frame available to sell, listed in the buy sell forum

I have one of these I’m not using. Just the cabinet, not the bed.
I wonder if it would fit just the frame.

I would be interested in the box if you want to sell it

Thank you, not exactly what I’m looking for, and I’m about as far from SoCal as you can be.

Just the box, or the entire clip-on assembly? I think what’s going to end up happening is that my neighbor is going to use the clip-on box hardware and fabricate a really nice looking walnut bed (this is what he’s offering) with cherry trim, if you can believe that. I will not need the box, will drill out the rivets to remove it, but it’s in very good shape if you want it…

Thank you, but not really useable for me.

I am and have no use for it myself.
Getting it shipped may be a problem. Not heavy but big. Unless they break down easily.
Don’t know.

I would need both of them