Hesitation on Acceleration, Noise under Hood

Hey everyone!

We have a 2005 GEM e4 NEV that seems to be having some hiccups.

I was gone for a week, and then came back to drive the NEV and it had issues accelerating in forward and reverse.

It does go forward…and backwards…but jerks and hesitates. There is also a buzzing/grinding/not normal noise coming from under the hood.

Batteries say they have a full charge according to the display, however they are also original, so I am anticipating they need to be replaced.

It was left on the charger during the week I was away, and everything appeared normal.

Any tips for what could be going on or what to investigate? I am going to load test the batteries tonight to see if they are all shot.

Nine years is impressive for a set of batteries. We will need a more detailed description of the problem.

Electrical buzzing or mechanical. My 4 seater started bucking and lurching. Motor shorted and took out the controller also. If you smell any thing get your motor checked before it zonks the controller.

Does the buzzing sound almost like something is shorting out under the hood? If it is what i think it is then the brushes have broken down or are to worn down at this point to make contact. Do you have the factory motor or an aftermarket one?

Thanks for all the help…I may have fixed it…or it resolved on its own.

We have an aftermarket motor (R4F) and reprogrammed controller. I took all the connections apart, cleaned them again, and tightened them down. Now all seems to be well.