Happy GEM E825 owner

I bought a used 2001 E825 GEM last summer. After a few “startup” issues, I’ve learned quite a bit about GEM cars. It quickly became apparent that our local Polaris dealer wasn’t much of a resource for GEMs. I’ve upgraded the motor to the R4F 7.5hp unit, had the controller reprogrammed, replace all the used Interstate batteries w/ Trojan 30XSH (what a difference!). “Fussed” w/ the throttle pedal (it was loose and wobbly).

Drive my car to/from work every day above 60 degrees and am having a blast.

I am considering upgrading the drum brakes w/ aftermarket disk brakes and looking for advice w/ that project. Also considering adding LED headlights since the existing units are pretty anemic.

Life is an adventure; enjoy it in a GEM!