Guide: The Infractions System

Hi All,
The forum’s infraction system is now live and available to all moderators to start using. Here are some basic instructions to get you started;

[B][U]What is an infraction?[/U][/B]
Moderators and administrators can give members an Infraction for breaking any of our rules. One infraction equates to [B][U]1 point[/U][/B]. When a member reaches [B][U]3 infraction points[/U][/B] then they are automatically banned. An infraction also has a time period of 60 days - after which time the point is removed.

Please use the following method to give a member an infraction if you notice any rule breaking.

  1. Click on to the members user profile.
  2. Click the infractions tab. (Note: Here you can see if a member has any previous form as in this example.)
  3. Click the [B][U]Give Infraction[/U][/B] link.
  4. Choose the most appropriately titled infraction from the [B]Infraction Level[/B] group. Each item from this group relates back to one of our rules.
  5. It is also optional to send the member a PM. This PM will be sent to new members too as it over-rides the PM restrictions. This will be handy to say things like contact us with a new user name etc. It is optional.
  6. Click on the [B][U]Give Infraction[/U][/B] button and that’s it - the infraction has now been given.
  7. Once an infraction has been served the system automatically creates a new thread with all the details of the infraction. This new thread is posted to a new sub forum in the Mod Lounge called Infractions. This is meant to act as a log so we all now what infractions others have served. It also allows us to discuss any issues associated with the infraction or member.

[B][U]A Warning (Not an Infraction)[/U][/B]
You can issue a warning using the same system as above. On the user profile - you will have the option of giving an infraction or a warning. The difference between an infraction and a warning is that a warning can be used to give members a friendly nudge in the right direction. A warning will not give the member a negative point and will not be called an infraction. If you think the member may have made an innocent mistake then [B]please issue them with a warning first[/B] and not an infraction. If the member persists after a friendly warning then it would be time to start issuing infractions.

Let me know if you have any questions otherwise please feel free to start using it.



There is also a quick way to give an infraction for a specific post. Simply click on the red / yellow card icon above the post which looks like:

The process is then the same as described above.

The nice thing about giving an infraction this way is that it copies in the content of the offending post - which is helpful to let the user know what the issue was.