Gabe's 2016, 35mph upgrade... and more!

My 2018 has only the 5kw motor but I have the stock Lithium battery pack

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I’ll test but don’t go near my tight tranny

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That would be great to have you test my Torque map on a stock Gem. I need to fly out!


just sent a pm to you

Just got off the phone with @itsrixter . He’s game to let us test with his ride. Are we talking swapping the VCM and making a couple changes with DVT? I’m happy to head out to meet @itsrixter and give it a go.

@LithiumGods if you want to come out, even better. Maybe we can make a weekend of doing @KevinUpHills and @itsrixter cars at once

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Book it for the Kevin weekend (whenever that gets scheduled) and we can have another GEM car swap meet and forum member introduction weekend!!
@Erniea15 @LithiumGods @djgabriel2004


Keep me in the loop on dates. Never know what my schedule allows these days. Thanks

9/30 might be the date…

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It’s on. @MikeKC just booked flights.

@itsrixter do you want to try the VCM swap?

If so, @djgabriel2004 can you send?

I checked my calendar and Friday Sept 30 is open for me.

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are we on for this Friday?

Good question… @djgabriel2004 @LithiumGods you have a VCM you can send me to try in @itsrixter’s car.

Can’t do Friday but I’d we finish up with @KevinUpHills ride, we can make it out your way.