I never heard this talked about and when i asked Go-Ev they just gave me the runaround, but what is the point of retaining the flywheel? Im mean i was hoping not to use a starter motor… Ignoring that dc motors also don’t need the momentum to function, do you keep them simply for balance? It seems like it might level the slight speed fluctuations a bit, but it also adds a decent amount of rotational mass right where it hurts.

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[QUOTE=geoffscott1;6866]… what is the point of retaining the flywheel?

no point at all except to have a surface for the clutch plate. You can have a speed shop turn it down, but need to re-balance it. Lighter is better, but not worth a lot of expense to most people. It really only makes a diff for acceleration, so would only matter if you are racing or wanting ultimate efficiency.