Energizer E29HM

I bought a GEM 825 2002 - it has Energizer E29HM batteries - how well will these last in the long run?

These are made by Johnson Controls. If your on flat ground and don’t take them below 50% you will probably get 3 years out of them.

Keep them watered and plug them in after each use to get the most life.

Sams Current DuraCell 29HM is actually a size 31 MDC battery by East Pen and my choice in my last 3 GEM’s

I have a Sam’s E29HM that is 9 years old, manufactured 08/09 by JC, used for solar experiments and has been mostly idle and neglected. I’ve become interested in experimenting with pulse desulfation chargers and while waiting for my Battery Minder 12117 to arrive, I placed my 1.5 amp trickle charger across the battery and in 44 hours it rose from 11.9 to 13.37 volts. I’m very surprised considering its age and suspect it may still have 50-65% capacity available. It will be interesting to cycle it and confirm this, and whether it improves any.