Electric vehicles


E-Car isn’t just a car club – it’s an electric vehicle car club.
The days of electric vehicles being the preserve of golf courses or the google campus are now long behind us. Leading motor companies such as Nissan and Renault have been developing full sized plug-in electric vehicles for years, and are now manufacturing some of the most exciting cars on the market – all without a petrol tank.

The E-Car fleet will always consist solely of the very best plug-in electric vehicles available. This not only allows us to offer the lowest environmental impact per mile of any car club but means that E-Car can pass on the savings from the lower running costs of electric vehicles to our members. The wholly electric fleet also means that there’s no need to worry about rising petrol prices and fuel supply shortages.
Just hop in at one of our charging hubs, say goodbye to the petrol station and start saving.


Electric car is a good option for protecting environment though it’s dangerous