E2 Battery Schematic

I replaced all of my Batteries in my Gem 2002 E2 . I got a red flashing light and alarm sound. I first got a error code 51 (motor controller not getting 72 volts) Now just getting the red blinking light and alarm. Could I have wired them wrong? I was careful but ?? Does anyone have a wiring schematic that shows the proper way to wire the batteries?

Here ya go…

Thank you for the quick response. So I now have it wired it correctly but something is still wrong. Frustrated because it worked fine till I left it charging when I went away for 3 months ( stupid I know I thought I had turned off the master disconnect switch) So the batteries which were old anyway would no longer hold a charge for more then a mile. I bought all new batteries (expensive) and still not working. Could I have blown a fuse on the main contactor ? One step forward 2 steps back