E-Z-GO electric vehicles are all the rage

Are you one of many people looking for their very own electric vehicle? Do you want something to get you around the neighbourhood or perhaps a car you can use on the golf course? Well the array of E-Z-GO electric vehicles available today is absolutely enormous and it is no surprise to learn that they are fast becoming one of the more popular in the sector. So what exactly does E-Z-GO have to offer?

[B]Personal Golf cars[/B]

You will be the envy of all of your golfing buddies with one of these personalised electric golf cars which include the Freedom RXV, Freedom TXT, Shuttle 2+2 RXV and the Shuttle 2+2 TXT. They offer a lightweight option for travel around your local golf course saving your legs and hopefully improving your handicap!

[B]Trail Utility vehicles[/B]

Such has been the improvement in technology over the years that E-Z-GO now offers a range of trail utility vehicles which include the E-Z-GO Terrain 1000, E-Z-GO Terrain 250 and the E-Z-GO Terrain 1500. You will be surprised how versatile and easy to handle these trail utility vehicles are.
Trailer Leisure vehicles[/B]

So, do you fancy something a little bit more adventurous? Something which will allow you to travel over tricky terrain and trails? Why not check out the E-Z-GO Express L4, E-Z-GO Express S4, E-Z-GO Express L6 and the E-Z-GO Express S6. You will not be disappointed by what you see!

[B]E-Z-GO 2FIVE Street vehicle[/B]

The E-Z-GO 2FIVE is a very competent, very compact, very useful and highly efficient neighbourhood vehicle which will help you travel in style, comfort and efficiency in and around your neighbourhood. The vehicle comes in two variations which are a two passenger and a four passenger version allowing you to get around your neighbourhood in double quick time!

It is the variation and the quality of the E-Z-GO electric vehicles which makes them stand out from an ever more crowded market. Have you ever tried one?