Dodge Zeo Concept Car

Dodge has unveiled their new concept car at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The Dodge Zeo is an all electric plugin. This plug-in electric car is purported to go the distance —a claimed 250 miles on a single charge. I think the car is pretty nice looking. Don’t know about the scissor doors for a family but cool never the less. Combining a rear-drive platform with a 64-kilowatt-hour, lithium-ion battery pack and a 200-kilowatt (268-horsepower) electric motor—and a claimed 0-60-mph time of under 6 seconds—This car will have plenty of power.

Bill Zheng, Dodge ZEO principal exterior designer, says, “The Dodge ZEO concept is designed to break the paradigm of what an electric car should look like.”

Also pretty similar in design to the volt except the Zeo is an all-electric plugin. I would take this over the volt any day.

Here are the specs and two more photos.

[B]Dodge ZEO Concept Vehicle Specs[/B]
[li]Vehicle Type Battery Electric Vehicle, performance sedan[/li][li]“2+2” passenger seating[/ul]Weight and Dimensions[/li][ul]
[li]Weight/GVWR 2650 lbs./3400 lbs.[/li][li]Length 172.8 inches/4390mm[/li][li]Width at H-point 68.6 inches/1743mm[/li][li]Height 50.8 inches/1290mm[/li][li]Wheelbase 109.9 inches/2792mm[/li][li]Couple 1-2 29.2 inches/742mm[/li][li]Front overhang 32.8 inches/832mm[/li][li]Rear overhang 30.1 inhces/765mm[/li][li]Track front/rear 64.1 inches/1628mm 65.8 inches/1671mm[/li][li]Approach angle 10.2 degrees[/li][li]Departure angle 24.6 degrees[/li][li]Turn circle 40 feet/12.2m[/li][li]Maximum width 76.5 inches/1944mm[/ul]Powertrain and Suspension[/li][ul]
[li]Layout Rear wheel drive[/li][li]Motor Single electric[/li][li]Power: 200 kW (268 hp)[/li][li]Regenerative braking[/li][li]Battery 64 kWh Li-ion battery pack[/li][li]Suspension Front – SLA[/li][li]Rear – SLA[/ul]Wheels and Tires[/li][ul]
[li]Tire size front P225/40R23x8 30.1 inches/764mm[/li][li]Tire size rear P255/40R23x9 31.0 inches/788mm[/li][li]Tire manufacturer Goodyear[/ul]Color Scheme[/li][ul]
[li]Exterior Orange Metallic[/li][li]Interior Super White[/ul]Key Performance Attributes[/li][ul]
[li]0-60 mph 5.7 seconds[/li][li]Standing ¼ mile 11.0 seconds[/li][li]Top speed 130 mph[/li][li]All-electric range 250 miles[/li][*]Equivalent mpg 120 mpg[/ul]

I was just looking at this, i’m VERY happy with the design and the performance specs. I just hope they dont wimp out on it.

if that car came out in production for a reasonable price I would own one… That is fantastic.

Hi everyone, as a mid 80’s early 90’s dodge lover, I think theyve finally started to get with the cool sleek design again! I love this car. Would love to get one if it comes out. I wonder how much it would start at…

Thats really a fantastic car… when it is supposed to come out commercially?

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Dodge Zeo concept car is the future. But the problem is that it is not a family car. a family of 4 can’t be accommodate.

Its looking beautiful. Thanks for sharing such information

Electric car of sleek design with comfort is a tremondous concept is to avoid pollution


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Hello vehicle aspirants!

he Dodge ZEO (Zero Emissions Operation) concept car has been unwrapped and unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Dodge ZEO is Chrysler’s paradigm shifting all-electric vehicle that can go 250 miles on a single charge.

The Dodge ZEO is being billed as a 2+2 four door sports wagon that uses a 64 kw lithium ion battery pack to supply the power to the 200 kw (268 hp) electric motor. Quick off the line, the rear-wheel drive Dodge ZEO is able to accelerate from 0 – 60 mph in under 6 seconds.

To find the details click here …

These extreme characteristics makes the ZEO a concept car targeted to high-tech and driving enthusiasts who are less family-oriented and place less emphasis on practicality.“The Dodge ZEO concept is designed to break the paradigm of what an electric car should look like,” said Bill Zheng, Dodge ZEO principal exterior designer.“An electric car can be as expressive as any gasoline-powered vehicle. The Dodge ZEO concept proves that point, and then some.Thanks

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Wow . too good design

“The Dodge ZEO concept is an example of designing for people who are used to a dynamic lifestyle and who are surrounded with information and virtual friends at all times,” says Lou Gasevski, principal interior designer of the Dodge ZEO concept.The entire cabin is treated as if it were a single piece of sculpture.A broad sloping fabric-wrapped surface in front of the driver curves dramatically into the door and quarter panel.It then sweeps around the back panel to the opposite side quarter and door, ending in a sloping surface in front of the passenger.Dodge ZEO Concept InteriorThis design approach blends the usually separate-looking parts of the interior into a unified whole.A narrow strip of blue LED accent lighting on the doors and quarters lead to the back panel, adding to the sweeping effect. Most of the interior surfaces of the ZEO concept are colored in Super White, adding to the sculptural impression.

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Electric cars have several potential benefits compared to conventional internal combustion automobiles, including a significant reduction of urban air pollution, as they do not emit harmful tailpipe pollutants from the onboard source of power at the point of operation (zero tail pipe emissions);reduced greenhouse gas emissions from the onboard source of power, depending on the fuel and technology used for electricity generation to charge the batteries; and less dependence on foreign oil, which for the United States and other developed or emerging countries is cause for concern about their vulnerability to price shocks and supply disruption. Also for many developing countries, and particularly for the poorest in Africa, high oil prices have an adverse impact on their balance of payments, hindering their economic growth.
And this electric car looks beautiful.