CT&T C-Zone Information Needed

We’ve been looking for a vehicle to use around our neighborhood. We looked at street legal club cars, gem’s and today I found a 2011 CT&T C-Zone that was very attractive. However - I can’t find that much about these cars anywhere. Does anyone here have any experience with this brand or their reputation? Not sure where else to look and hopefully I am posting this in the right section.

I own a 2009 ezone. It’s a fun car to drive but I’m having trouble finding parts. The company is out business. If you find a parts source let me know. There are only 3 registered in Georgia.

I reached out to info at cttev dot com and Peter was not only very quick to get back to me but very helpful and sent me extra parts at no charge. This was late last year. Have you tried that?

Thanks for the info, I will give them a try

Looking at zone cars myself.
Motor and controller look very good.
Good reviews.
Anyone have one for sale?

Hi Does anyone own a electric diagram manual of the EV1 city 2?

They were fast in their reply that they didnot have any information on the EV1 City 2. No electric wire diagrams.


Do you have one?
What are you fixing? Or just curious?
72v a.c. sevcon drive?

I have a guy trying to sell me a 2017 city 2 with 400 miles on it and new batteries.
Not sure I’m going for it.