Car Loan

Hi there! So I’ve been in Canada since one and half years and I’ve got to a point where I need to get a car. I got a credit card only a few weeks ago and so I have no credit history. I was hoping to finance a car around $8000. So, which bank should I approach to get a car loan. Will I be able to get a car loan with no credit history?

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Are you looking to purchase an EV?

Ya…also wanna know….!!!


Interesting to see which way this one is gonna go. :D)

Do you want to buy my car ? Please contact me !

Hey guys. Just joined. I would love some advice regarding a car loan. Am thinking of getting a sedan. Appreciate all the advice in advance

I have been looking for one for a while now and it has been very slow because of this pandemic. I am not really sure about everything here because it is kind of scary and also it kind of uncertain right now because of the pandemic. I do know that I want a new car (a hybrid or an electric car preferably haha) so I am looking for a good option regarding the car. I have been looking for different options when it comes to loans for people of different financial backgrounds. I have been reading a lot of different and useful information on one particular website (you guys can check it over here: I really like it and I think that they have a lot of good information over there. Hope you guys will find it useful as well.