Can't get a reading...

Newbie here…My “new to me” 2000 Gem won’t show MPR . It will “flick” between 000 and remaining charge. Wanted to check with the experts before I started to dig in. Gauge reads correct on everything else. Any ideas?

Assuming you mean MPH, I would check your motor speed sensor. On the end of the motor there is a sensor with 3 wires coming from it. That senses motor RPM and the controller converts that to MPH. Check all of the connections on that and the harness it goes into. If nothing, pull the dash up and reseat the connectors into the controller. Still no workee, check for 12 volts going into one of the wires (can’t recall which one) and if present, you probably need a new sensor.
If that sensor is not working, you won’t have regen braking either.