BYD’s New Model 6B Went off the Production Line in Changsha

Changsha, China – May 21 “National, Environment Protection, International – Changsha BYD New Car Off-line Ceremony and Yuhua Environmental Protection Science and Technology Industry Park’s Tenth Anniversary Exhibition” was held in environmental protection science and technology industry park in Changsha City, Hunan Province. Zhou Qiang, Party Committee Secretary of Hunan Province, Xu Shousheng, Governor of Hunan Province, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD and other related leaders attended the event. Mr. Zhou Qiang announced the new car’s emerging.
The off-line of BYD’s senior car 6B in Changsha declared that BYD Changsha had been formally put into production for passenger vehicles. And Changsha became the 3rd passenger car production base after Shenzhen and Xi’an plant. BYD Changsha plant is located in Yuhua industrial zone (Hunan environmental protection sci-tech industrial park) which enjoys the resource superiority of convenient location, transportation, energy, and labor. At present, main products in BYD Changsha plant are traditional fuel cars including, M6, F0, 6B and pure electric bus series. The installation of the four processes (stamping, welding, painting and assembly) for traditional gasoline cars can be completely finished there. The major products of Changsha plant, the electric bus also had substantial development. It is not only used as the public transportation in China’s major cities, but also in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Singapore and so on. According to the BYD’s plan, the capacity of Changsha BYD in 2012 will reach to 50000 sets of passenger cars and 1500 sets of pure electric bus.

As a new model, BYD’s 6B assembles the ideas of technology, quality and responsibility. Meanwhile, with the advanced technologies following the strictest standards, the product’s technology and quality have been improved drastically. 6B has a fashion, sporty appearance and is equipped with a 1.5 TI turbocharged engine and DCT double automatic clutch transmission.
Another particular focus is the new configuration “i” including network platform “i” and “i” robot. BYD “i” system has advanced design concept as “i security”, “i efficiency”, “i enjoy”, “i link”. BYD “i security” can direct accident rescue, provide instant vehicle information and provide diagnostic reports regularly, etc. “i efficiency” improves your driving efficiency by networking the “Car Cloud”. It includes two functions: Cloud key and Cloud control. Car owners can use their smartphone to remote unlock and lock, turn on the air conditioner, or even locate the car. “i” also comes the concept of “i enjoy” and “i link”, which expand the vehicle’s entertainment function and information platform. It can provide 24 hours all round information service and has many functions such as “i” Chatting. Also you can use the embedded terminal equipment to download or upgrade applications and music in the BYD application store to improve your driving experience.

The robot “i” can exchange the information with the user by different expressions, actions and languages. In addition, it can 360° scan the inside and outside of the car, making driving smoother and safer.
Based on the core competence, as well as the supercharged engine, intelligent configuration and raising quality, 6B is highly expected to bring great performance in the market.