Blown Fuse after testing

This morning, I switched on the main switch of one of my Thinks and the contactor clicked. I put it in reverse, and it beeped. I stepped on the pedal and heard the contactor clicked. There was the plug icon on the cluster and the Think would not move. After troubleshooting, I found a fuse was blown. It reads 30A 32V.
My question is, is this the right fuse? I’m not sure how common it is to blow a fuse, but there is usually a reason. And I’m not sure how old it is.

Purchased the correct fuse and installed it. The contactor clicked and the display came on.
However, when I turned the key, nothing happened, and the Think would not move.
I discovered the plug going into the back of the display, came a little bit loose. I unplugged and plugged it in a few times, and everything works. Maybe I should use some dielectric grease to keep corrosion down?