Battery Box Motorbike

Got my few seconds in the spotlight

Been working on her since December

Got a Vin number and plates about a month ago and have about 600 miles to date


dude, congrats… they covered my build a while back before it was finished, and I saw yours recently. They covered Ben Nelson’s bike too. Its great that the EM’s are getting exposure, thanks for helping spread the bug!

Great looking build btw.

Though I would update my work with some new pictures

Put a new video together to give a feel how the bike performs on the road in real traffic (light traffic) fun ride.



What a wonderful idea ? New video will help to all to choose which type of model will be attractive on road and can be handled.Ebike

thats awesome :slight_smile: i was actually just literally looking at your bike design and was reading up on it too ha ha ha.

[QUOTE=FEUS;5909]thats awesome :slight_smile: i was actually just literally looking at your bike design and was reading up on it too ha ha ha.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Working on a new motor design You can see my work on endless sphere at

My focus these days is working on a gas to electric upgrade kit I hope to sell, though I would love to find the financing to build complete motorcycles, someday.


Dude. That a very wonderful step you have taken. Congrats:):):slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Royston;6093]Dude. That a very wonderful step you have taken. Congrats:):):)[/QUOTE]

Thanks I hope to have my test bike finished this weekend


Here is the finished test bike for my new Hub motor design lots more information on Endless Sphere but wanted to keep this thread somewhat current. The hub motor is 10KW continuous 30KW peak. There is one more rev of the stator design I need to test, before I can start selling the wheel.


Congrats, it’s just awesome.

My name is Joel and I work for marin-ev, I am also in process of making an electric motorcycle with an ac motor, 120 volts and Lithium batteries.
I would like to know how is it that you made it to get the vin and all the paperwork from the dmv. I will be building my bike from scratch.
I really hope you make it with your project, it is great. how many kws is your motor? and how many AH are your batteries?

In NY there is a division of the DMV called the technical service department and they issue VIN numbers necessary for the registration process. Make sure all parts have SAE numbers and are DOT rated. I have no clue how it works in CA. Call the DMV in CA and ask.
Motor is 10KW con 30KW peak
batteries are 32 cell LIFEP04 40AH