2016 GEM Lead Acid to BMW Lithium Battery Conversion

Don’t know if anyone has ever been to www.batteryhookup.com, but I wanted to ask if anyone has any feedback they could give on using this battery from old BMW Stock, 14S 8kwh battery.

This is the least expensive option for me for a conversion to Lithium right now. Anyway,

I need more than my Deep Cycle batteries can provide.

This doesn’t look promising:

"2012 BMW . Only around 15% degradation on these"

Should work ok, if the balance leads are easily accessible. Good price.

I wonder what @LithiumGods gets for a new 14s 180ah Chevy.

I use BMW i3 batteries all the time (12s - 64ha) - they are AWESOME but can get pricy.

Before you spec batteries you need to know what your chargers finished voltage is . Example: a 72v DeltaQ charger on Gel will do a finish , balance voltage at 96v . You hook up a 72v lithium battery to that and you could have a real problem . Test your finish voltage . Then you can determine the number of cells required .

We had @grantwest running on 16s. 60v

didn’t he have to change out his charger ?

48v goes to 65.7v…