2010 Ruff n Tuff for Sale Wardensville WV

I have a 2010 Hunter 4x4 for sale in Wardensville, WV. Everything works as it is suppose to and it still takes a full charge. Charge duration is not 100%. I am guessing that the batteries are still at approx. 75% of new due to age. It is in very good condition with no damage. It has the fold-up rear seat, windshield, and gun mounts. You may contact through the forum or email at deerfarmcamera@gmail.com. 4500.00 may consider other offers.

$2500 cash offer…

I will come down to 3800, cash of course

That seems fair. Picture?

I will take some pictures today and post a few. Let me know if you want particular pictures.

I do have this for sale through another channel and have an interested party coming on Wednesday, so if you have interest be sure to reply because I will sell to the first accepted offer cash in hand.

SOLD for 4500.00. Thanks for your interest

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