2001 e825 upgrade recomendations

I have a '01 e825 that I have been working on for a couple of years. I got this cart in pieces and have been working to get it road worthy. To date this is what I have done: Lifted 3" , added front disc, replaced all bushings, added 14" Wheels and tires. Painted the body and Reupholstered the seats. Boxed the rear suspension swing arm. Maintainced the stock motor and replaced the rubber end shaft bushing. Replaced the CV joints, and changed the differential fluid. Added the disc brake conversion. I have not driven the car for a year or more and the project has kinda floundered since I have lots of other projects. However, I am now pushing to get it back on the road. What I would like is some recommendations as to upgrades that provide the most bang for the buck and add to the reliability. I have seen some discussion on Magic Magnets and wonder if this is something I should consider? Any other comments or recommendations would be appreciated. Particularly interested in recommendations for motor upgrade and possibly Li batteries.

I guess it depends on how much farther you want to jump in.
What do you plan to do with the car?
Are you making a street legal racer?
Do you have any hills or long flat runs?

It looks like you already have one hell of a start on the base of your build. It sounds like you are ready to pick your batteries. Don’t bother with LA or Gels. Looking at your mod list I bet you are candidate for a Lithium install. I’ll let the other guys chime in with what might be available or something about ready to come off the bench. You will need to upgrade to another charger if you still have the old Zivan in your 2001.

I’m assuming your motor is still a 3.5? I’m not sure how it will hold up to an overvolt pack and you don’t say what tire diameter is on your 14 rims but a 3.5 probably wont be very happy trying to turn them through that 8.9 trans. You might need to just run the old motor until it smokes and look for a deal on a 5hp.

Then Get a Magic Magnet or reprogram your controller and you are where many people are quite happy.

If you want to skip directly to hotrod then check the threads in the archives on how to fit in one of Inwo’s AC motors, and new controller to go with your Lithium pack.

At this point I am already in fairly deep. Looks like it is going to require some more investment to be able to enjoy the money already spent.
I have hills and long runs both.
Will sometimes be used to tow / push race car.
Do enjoy some speed.
Looking for extended range per charge cycle
Ability to carry 4 adults over a longer range
Something that isn’t fussy

My skill set:
Pro: Restored, built and raced cars most of my life. Strong Fab / mechanical ability
Con: electrical is my kryptonite, can wire, R&R basic systems but theory and electronics vs. electrical is a challenge.

14" rims (23" -24" tall tires?), an 8.9 gearbox, a 20-year old controller and an anemic motor to push or tow a race car… Carnac the Magnificent predicts blue smoke,…

Motor options on the 00-04 are limited. Can’t put the longer ones in there without moving the top of the shock. For leaving the shocks in place, the short GE (what you have) in 3.5 or 5hp are meh. They don’t take abuse well. Or you can get an R4F 7.5 motor (currently built by D&D), higher RPM and can take being pushed to some extent. That’s about it.

I’m not sure, but Dave and Mike might still looking for someone to test out an AC motor & controller for that era vehicle.
@Inwo @MikeKC

Don’t mind moving the shocks if necessary. Heard there was a 9hp motor available somewhere?
What kind of batteries would I need to keep up with this demand? Trying to apply the KISS method in this build as my wife and kids and probably a few other unauthorized operators will end up using this more than I will.

The kits we put together require mostly mechanical fab skills. The electrical part is following instructions.
@MikeKC can give you a link to the big motor conversion steps. It’s geared more towards the 2005+ cars, but only because of fitting a 14" long motor. We do have a few shorter motors that are a little less powerful, but still 2x what you have now.

For range and performance, a big ev battery is what you need. Most of us are out of our favorite batteries. #1 on the list is Chevy Bolt. See if you can find a salvage Bolt. Enough to do 3 high performance upgrades. E-Golf, Ioniq ev (not hybrid), 2016+ Volt and Spark. All forum tested.

Yea, Putting the 8kw motor in a 01’ would be a challenge. But maybe the 5kw would work.
I have done an 8.9 gear box before with an AC controller, it’s not perfect yet. Have not had time to tune it but it does run 67mph on 17" wheels - I would not recommend that…