Throttle switch repair/replace 2005-2010 Gem

If you foot switch is intermittent this is a permanent fix.
Solid state hall switch, no moving parts or contacts.


Dave set me up with one of these Foot Switch Sensors in the past, they work great.
Nice setup Dave.

Do you guys have any of these parts available or know where I might find at least the bracket for the hall effect sensor? I need one for a 2006 gem with a bad throttle switch.

I do have the switches in stock with brackets.
$100 delivered.

Once you have the switch, a saturn throttle is plug and play electrically.

does this replace the 3 wire reostast and the start switch?

Yes and no. The item talked about in this thread is for the later cars 05 → 10. It is more related to an automotive throttle assembly.

It sounds like the throttle assy you are asking about was installed on the early cars 00 → 04, looks like a brick, and was used on Miller welding equipment in it’s former life. It would take some keen fabrication skills and a bag of TV Repair Man tools to change an early car over to a newer style pedal.

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Yep. Save the welder, kill the car…

Those linemaster pedals are super easy to repair too. push the pins out and all you have is a spring and a potentiometer. Replacement pot is $11 and it’s a heavy duty part that will last decades, not the crappy $6 garbage off amazon.

I forget the resistance value offhand, but it’s on the back of the pot and if the sticker still exists on the outside of the pedal assembly.

Best to call them, as they sell them in various values.

Whole pedal assembly is only like $165 if that’s what you need.

Sorry for the late reply, I just sent the $100. I’m hoping this will work, I have a 2006 Chrysler Gem throwing a 05 fault code. do you by any chance have a wiring diagram for a 2006? I found a manual but the wire colors don’t seem to match, it also shows the switch being fed 12v from the switch but I can only see 5v coming from the controller.

Gem throttle diagram

The reason why I asked is that my wiring colors not match either of those two diagrams, I ended up figuring it out tho so its all good. The switch got it moving but I only get approx 1/4 throttle so I guess I’m going to need the throttle sensor. What was the part number for the gm part that fits? was it 15150990 ?

I think @MikeKC. And @AssyRequired have them.