2006 Gem car gas pedal

150 plus shipping. Would take a couple of days to get the parts together. If you want it ready to b up it bbn in with the gem car pedal would be a bit more and I would need you to ship your old unit to me

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What does the external switch do. I bought a pedal at pick and pull for $30.00.

The Saturn does not have a switch built in. A switch is required to tell the car that throttle is off when “key on”.
Switch needs to be off at zero throttle and on while driving.

Thanks. I just bought a pedal from pic & pull for $30.00 Came off of a 2007 Saturn Ion. I’ll have to figure out how to wire it or get someone on this site to set it up… Thanks for all of the support…

This is the electronic switch and a wiring M-F that makes it plug and play.


If you can cut oem harness, it wires like this.
Electronic switches are $35
Top left circle.
Includes hardware.

I’ll try to set this up later, Just got my new motor installed and now my charger has a light blinking on it. I don’t think the battery gauge is reading correctly and also the switch ro select mph hour or klg only has one wire on the back of it. I’ve been looking for a wiring diagram for this car but haven’t found what i need’'Running about 25 mph , Just have a few issues, Thanks

I figured out the charging issue. I didn’t realize the main breaker had to be on and the emergency brake set for the car to charge. Also figured out how to set the speedometer to klms. I;m looking for a parts resource for my drive switch mode. Part number 0606-00415… don’t seem to be one available googling the part number.

polaris switch number 4013696

Thanks for the information. I’m not sure if I should start a new thread or not on my next issue? My 2008 gem car is jerky on take off. Any ideas. I just installed a new motor. Possibly the gas pedal doing this? Thanks for any ideas…

Trip, if my pedal is not making the right contact on the inside will this make the car jerky on take off. I might have to get you to set me up a pedal…

Trip…can you email me. Just joined forum. Need a potentiometer for my 2006 gem. Thanks my friend !

Hi Trip…I am in need of a potentiometer for my 2006 GEM. Be more than happy to pay. I heard you have a great way of retrofitting. Thanks !

I can put one together for you. Unfortunately have to raise the price to 200 plus shipping. Costs me close to 200 to put it together

NO WORRIES…THANKYOU TRIP :blush::blush::blush: PLEASE call me at your convenience 530 474 4015. Sincerely Dan L

Trip …waiting for your call

Trip…that would be fine. Can I call you or you can call me 530 474 4015. Would like to make this happen asap. Thx !

On a job right now, will call this afternoon

Great ! In a power shutdown right now due to Pavific Gas and Electric. Power will be restored after 5 pm today ( California time ) looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Dan L

Trip…Never heard from you. Still waiting. Don’t really really want to ho another route but I need to make it happen. PLEASE call me today 530 474 4015